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About XR Nutrition

We want to connect with you through whole food nutrition. We want to inspire our customers to attain and maintain optimal health by providing plant-based products that NOURISH their bodies, FUEL their performance, and CONQUER their health or fitness obstacles.


Here at XR Nutrition, we want to help you get back to the basics—back to fruits and veggies! We believe that plant-based therapy with whole-food sources is exactly what your body needs for optimal health. We provide natural solutions that help improve your overall health.


  • You are what you digest, not what you eat.

  • Your digestive system plays a major role in your health.

  • Your health begins on a cellular level.


Our whole-food ingredients are sourced directly from partner farms around the world and freeze-dried to lock in nutritional value. This provides you with the freshest source of nutrients comparable to being picked and eaten straight from the garden. With today's foods missing basic vitamins and minerals due to the modification of crops for faster manufacturing, nutritional value has been taking the back seat. Additionally, because of our busy schedules these days, even the most nutritionally disciplined are missing the vital enzymes and probiotics essential to your health care.


XR Nutrition is here to support your active lifestyle by providing your body with the whole-food, plant-based supplements it needs to be able to function properly. Our complete blends of vitamins, minerals, plant-based enzymes and probiotics, are necessary for achieving optimal cellular health.


Complete blends vs. isolated nutrients or minerals

All XR products contain a complete blend of vitamins, minerals, and whole-food ingredients, with many containing probiotics and their own plant-based enzyme delivery system.

Digestive health from plant-based enzymes.

XR Nutrition only sources plant-based enzymes, not animal-extracted enzymes, in order to properly digest the foods and utilize the nutrients. XR products contain multiple types of enzymes that provide a more comprehensive digestive support.

Stabilized probiotics for immunity protection and digestive support.

XR Nutrition’s probiotics are stabilized and do not require refrigeration. They also contain a broad spectrum of strands, include prebiotics, and are in the highest quantities in order to properly support your digestive and immune health.

Nutrient rich whole food vitamins.

XR Nutrition utilizes whole-food sources vs. chemically created synthetic sources like most supplements on the market. For example, XR uses ingredients like Acerola cherries as a source of Vitamin C, where others use the synthetic version called “ascorbic acid,” which actually robs our bodies of nutrients instead of providing much benefit.

Maximum absorption with plant-based chelated mineral amino acids.

Every XR formula uses pure sources of chelated minerals that offer the highest levels of absorption. Chelation is the process that attaches a mineral to an amino acid making it easier for our bodies to utilize.

Our Programs

Corporate Wellness - Improve your bottom line with happy and healthy employees!
Fundraisers - Forget about selling cookies and raise money with the gift of health!